A-4000 Gas Controller

A-4000 gas controller is a wall-mounted type for matching standard 4-20mA current output detector or 24V DC power supply output RS485 signal gas detectors constitute a gas monitoring system. We provide OEM/ODM service.

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The external control port of the controller is rich, user can choose the access port freely, and connect the on-site detection and alarms can be performed with simple settings.
The system is mainly used in the need to detect so many gases, when the concentration of the gas higher than the pre-set value, the relay will drive a series of alarm actions, such as alarm, discharge wind, tripping, etc.
The controller is non-explosion-proof and should be installed in a safe area.
Product type                                                             A-4000 Gas controller
Channel four channels
Working voltage AC Power Supply,  rated voltage AC220V
Power ≦20W
Signal input support three-wire 4~20mA current model and RS485 digital signal
Relay output three groups of relay contact outputs (capacity: 10A/250VAC or 10A/30VDC)
Working temperature 0~40℃
Working humidity 0-95%RH
Output supply voltage DC24V±6V
Installation method Wall-mounted
Dimensions 28*20*6.5mm(L×W×H)


TAG:   A-4000 gas controller gas monitor gas monitor oem

Note: Not all gases are listed, if the gas you need is not listed, please contact us.

Measurable Gas Meter
gas  Range Detection Accuracy 90% Response Time Minimun Readout Alarm Set Point Low/High
PH3 0-2000ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦25s 0.01ppm 0.3/5ppm
O2 0-30%vol ±5%(F.S) ≦15s 0.10% 19.5%/23.0%
EX 0-100%LEL ±5%(F.S) ≦5s 1%LEL 25.0%/50.0%LEL
CO 0-1000ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦25s 1ppm 50ppm/100ppm
CO2 0-5000ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦25s 1ppm 1000ppm/2000ppm
H2S 0-100ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦30s 1ppm 10ppm/20ppm
NO2 0-20ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦25s 0.1ppm 3ppm/10ppm
NO 0-250ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦60s 1ppm 25ppm/50ppm
SO2 0-100ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦30s 0.1ppm 2ppm/10pppm
CL2 0-20ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦30s 0.1ppm 1ppm/10ppm
NH3 0-100ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦50s 1ppm 25ppm/50ppm
H2 0-1000ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦60s 1ppm 50ppm/10ppm
HCN 0-50ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦200s 0.1ppm 10ppm/20ppm
HCL 0-20ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦60s 0.1ppm 5ppm/10ppm
CH4 0-100%LEL ±5%(F.S) ≦5s 1%LEL 25.0%/50.0%LEL


TAG:   A-4000 gas controller gas monitor gas monitor oem

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