BN Series Handheld Laser Rangefinder

Mini handheld 100m/150m range finder portable laser distance meter. We provide OEM/ODM service.

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Easy targeting with bright laser pointer. High accuracy(± 1mm) and wide measuring range from 0.03m to 150m. Quick measurement of distance, area and volume.

Multi measurement modes: Single-distance/continuous/area/volume/indirect pythagoras measurement. Automatic calculation of area and volume. Greatly save labor and time.

Mute function available. Min/Max distance tracking (display value). Easy Addition/Subtraction of measurement. Set up front / rear reference edge.

Large LCD with backlight and 4 line display. Unit switchable among meter, inch, feet.

Self calibration and error report technology. Automatic / manual power off function. Low battery indication.

TAG:  handheld laser rangefindershort range laser rangefinder


Measuring range:0.03 to 150m
Measurement Modes: Continuous/single-distance measurement, area / volume / Pythagorean theorem measurement, max/min measurement.
Accuracy: ± 1mm
Mute function:Yes
Laser Type: Class 2, 635nm <1mW
Storage: 20 Measurements
Units: m, ft, inch
Addition/subtraction of measurement: Yes
Self Calibration: Yes
Battery: 1.5V AAA * 2PCS(Not included)
Battery Life Time: 15000 times of single measurements
Beep indication:Yes
Storage temperature: -25C°~60C°
Operation temperature: 0C° ~40C°

TAG:  handheld laser rangefindershort range laser rangefinder

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