T-Z01 Air Quality Monitor

T-Z01 air quality monitor is a high-performance home air quality detector, mainly used to monitor PM2.5,HCHO, TVOC, CO and CO2 gasconcentrations, and temperature and humidity.

This product is suitable to air concentration testing in confined spaces like home, wooden furniture, leather goods, office space and interior.

TAG:   home air quality detector T-Z01 PM2.5 air quality monitor

1、The 3.2 inch Color LCD display.

2、PM2.5, HCHO, TVOC concentration, and tem-perature and humidity were measured in real time.

3、 Built-in memory, recording data for the last 8 hours and viewing through the.interface.

4、 Battery power is continuously monitored, and with a low power reminder function.

5、 With live-person voice prompt and alarm function.

6、 Free switching between Chinese and English.

7、One-click on / off voice function for convenient operation.


TAG:   home air quality detector T-Z01 PM2.5 air quality monitor

Screen:3.2 inch color LCD display, resolution of 320 • 240

Working Temperature :0 ~50

Working Humidity: ≤90%RH

Power Supply: 1500mAh

Lithium Battery Charger: 5VDC-1.5A

Charging Interface: Type-C

Weight About: 240g

Measuring Range:

HCHO : 0-1.999mg/m³ 

TVOC : 0-9.999mg/m³ 

PM2.5 : 20-999μg/m³ 

TAG:   home air quality detector T-Z01 PM2.5 air quality monitor

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