K-400 Multi gas detector

K-400 portable gas detector with large LCD. It can monitor CO, H2S,O2 and combustible gas simultaneously. The instrument features two instant alarms with audio/visual and vibratory indicators, rechargeable battery and simple use.


K-400 adopts advanced microprocessor technology and imported industrial level sensor, fast response, high sensitive, performance much more stable and with very good repeatability. Using 2.0 inch industial level colored LCD display, perfectly displays all measured results, user can check alarm records easily with records checking funcion.
K-400 is small in size, easy to carry with anti-slip design. It is widely used in the area where explosion-proof is required or toxic gas leaks, like underground channels or mining industry, so as to protect workers’ life and avoid damage on the relevant equipment.

Henan Bosean Electronic CO.,Ltd.Henan Bosean Electronic CO.,Ltd.


Henan Bosean Electronic CO.,Ltd.Henan Bosean Electronic CO.,Ltd.

Measurable Gas Meter


Rang Optional range Minimun Readout

Alarm Set Point


1 EX 0-100%LEl 0-100%VOL(Infrared) 1%LEL/1%VOL 20/50
2 O2 0-30%VOL 0-30%VOL 0.1%VOL 19.5%VOL/23.5%VOL
3 H2S 0-100PPM 0-50/200/1000PPM 0.1PPM 10PPM/20PPM
4 CO 0-1000PPM 0-500/2000/5000PPM 1PPM 50PPM/150PPM
5 NO2 0-20PPM 0-50/1000PPM 0.1PPM 5PPM/10PPM
6 CO2 0-5000PPM 0-1%/5%10%VOL(Infrared) 1PPM/0.1%VOL 1000/2000
7 NO 0-250PPM 0-500/1000PPM 1PPM 50PPM/150PPM
8 SO2 0-20PPM 0-50/1000PPM 0.1/1PPM 5PPM/10PPM
9 CL2 0-20PPM 0-100/1000PPM 0.1PPM 5PPM/10PPM
10 NH3 0-100PPM 0-50/500/1000PPM 0.1/1PPM 20PPM/50PPM
11 H2 0-1000PPM 0-5000PPM 1PPM 50PPM/150PPM
12 PH3 0-20PPM 0-20/1000PPM 0.1PPM 5PPM/10PPM
13 HCL 0-20PPM 0-20/500/1000PPM 0.001/0.1PPM 5PPM/10PPM
14 CLO2 0-50PPM 0-10/100PPM 0.1PPM 5PPM/10PPM
15 HCN 0-50PPM 0-100PPM 0.01/0.1PPM 10PPM/20PPM
16 C2H4O 0-100PPM 0-100PPM 0.1/1PPM 20PPM/50PPM
17 O3 0-10PPM 0-20/100PPM 0.1PPM 2PPM/5PPM
18 CH20 0-20PPM 0-50/100PPM 0.1/1PPM 5PPM/10PPM
19 HF 0-100PPM 0-1/10/50/100PPM 0.01/0.1PPM 2PPM/5PPM
20 C7H8 0-20PPM 0-1/10/50/100PPM 0.01/0.1PPM 5PPM/10PPM



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