K-300 portable gas leak detector

This portable gas leak detector adopts lsi technology and conforms to international intelligent technology standards.This leak detector USES imported gas sensor to detect gas by natural diffusion, with excellent sensitivity and repeatability.Easy to use and maintenance, greatly meet the requirements of high reliability of industrial site safety monitoring equipment, the shell is made of high-strength engineering plastic, composite non-slip rubber, high strength, good hand feel, and waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof.Can customize a variety of gas detection, such as oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, ozone, sulfur dioxide and so on.

The leak detector is widely used in petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, metallurgy, refining, gas transmission and distribution, biochemical medicine, agriculture and other industries.
portable combustible gas leak detector
Model No.
Operating time
> 8 hours
Response time
Charging time
4-6 hours
Sensor life
2 years
2.0inch colored LCD
Alarm methods
Sound, light, vibration, display.
290g (do not include accessories)
Working temperature
-20 ~50℃

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Model Range L-alarm H-alarm
CO 0-1000ppm 35ppm 200ppm
O2 0-30%vol 19.5%vol 23.5%vol
H2 0-100%LEL 20%LEL 50%LEL
H2S 0-100ppm 10ppm 20ppm
CH4 0-100%LEL 20%LEL 50%LEL
C2H4O 0-20ppm 10ppm 15ppm
C2H4 0-100%LEL 20%LEL 50%LEL
C3H8 0-100%LEL 20%LEL 50%LEL
C2H5OH 0-100%LEL 20%LEL 50%LEL
NH3 0-100ppm 25ppm 50ppm
CL2 0-20ppm 5ppm 10ppm
O3 0-20ppm 5ppm 10ppm
SO2 0-100ppm 2ppm 5ppm
PH3 0-20ppm 0.3ppm 5ppm
CO2 0-50000ppm 1000ppm 2000ppm
NO 0-250ppm 20ppm 50ppm
NO2 0-20ppm 5ppm 10ppm
HCN 0-500ppm 10ppm 20ppm
HCL 0-50ppm 10ppm 20ppm
CH2O 0-10ppm 2ppm 5ppm
VOC 0-100ppm 20ppm 50ppm
C6H6 0-100ppm 20ppm 50ppm




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