k-600 5 in 1 multi Gas Detector

K-600 gas detector with built-in pump, which adopts an advanced integrated circit, with standard intelligent level design technology, and propietary digital analog hybrid communication technology. The gas detector is made of high strength engineering plastics, compound non-slip rubber, with water-proof, dustproof and explosion-proof.


Product Name
K-600 gas detector
3.7V rechargeable lithium battery
Sensor Supported
3.7V rechargeable lithium battery
Response Time
Alarm Type
Sound,light, vibration, LCD dispaly
Exploson proof
Exib IIC T4 Gb
Working Environment
-20~50 ℃
Operating Time
moren than 10 hours continuously

Henan Bosean Electronic CO.,Ltd.


Henan Bosean Electronic CO.,Ltd.


Henan Bosean Electronic CO.,Ltd.

Measurable Gas Meter
NO. gas  Range Detection Accuracy 90% Response Time Minimun Readout Alarm Set Point Low/High
1 PH3 0-2000ppm ±5%(F.S) ≤25s 0.01ppm 0.3/5ppm
2 O2 0-30%vol ±5% ≤15s 0.10% 19.5%/23.0%
3 EX 0-100%LEL ±5%(F.S) ≤5s 1%LEL 25.0%/50.0%LEL
4 CO 0-1000ppm ±5%(F.S) ≤25s 1ppm 50ppm/100ppm
5 CO2 0-5000ppm ±5%(F.S) ≤25s 1ppm 1000ppm/2000ppm
6 H2S 0-100ppm ±5%(F.S) ≤30s 1ppm 10ppm/20ppm
7 NO2 0-20ppm ±5%(F.S) ≤25s 0.1ppm 3ppm/10ppm
8 NO 0-250ppm ±5%(F.S) ≤60s 1ppm 25ppm/50ppm
9 SO2 0-100ppm ±5%(F.S) ≤30s 0.1ppm 2ppm/10pppm
10 CL2 0-20ppm ±5%(F.S) ≤30s 0.1ppm 1ppm/10ppm
11 NH3 0-100ppm ±5%(F.S) ≤50s 1ppm 25ppm/50ppm
12 H2 0-1000ppm ±5%(F.S) ≤60s 1ppm 50ppm/10ppm
13 HCN 0-50ppm ±5%(F.S) ≤200s 0.1ppm 10ppm/20ppm
14 HCL 0-20ppm ±5%(F.S) ≤60s 0.1ppm 5ppm/10ppm
15 CH4 0-100%LEL ±5%(F.S) ≤5s 1%LEL 25.0%/50.0%LEL




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