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1. Confirmation and Acceptance of service terms:
Bosean App application is provided for customers who purchased our products. its ownership of the contents and services is owned by our company. please make sure you(users) read this carefully before accepting these terms. By using our services or completing registration process, it means you accept all our service terms. If you do not agree with these terms, then please do not use the service.
Bosean App application is connected to hardware devices via mobile phone Bluetooth. hardware device collects the related configuration information of the mobile phone system, but this only happens when you choose to send information to the author through the help menu. If you choose to send us feedback, this information will be sent to the development team, and will be used for the following: Analysis and solve problems of configuration of Bosean App application, enhance the stability of download and installation, improve products and services related to users. These feedback will only be tied to the email address you use, and will not be associated with other data that may reveal your personal identity.
2. users’ any behavior applies in this APP must follow:
(1) When transmitting data, it must comply with relevant laws and regulations in China.
(2) Do not leak the MAC of hardware device, in order to prevent other people from binding operations.
(3) Observe all network protocols, regulations, procedures and practices for using the service. user’s code of conduct is based on Internet regulations, policies, procedures, and practices.
3. modification of service terms
Bosean App application has the right to amend the terms when necessary, any result will be announced on this page. If you do not cancel your eligibility for registration, it indicates your acceptance of changes of these service terms.
4. refused to provide guarantee
Users take responsibility of any risk after accepting our company’s service terms. Bosean App application does not provide any non-exsitent products’ service needs. Due to the instability of the network, it does not guarantee services will not be temporarily interrupted, and will not guarantee service timeliness and errors occurrence. user understands and accepts that user will bear all the risks and take responsibilities for the reliability of any information data obtained from the Internet, and that your on-site situation may delay for a certain time.
5. Limited liability
Bosean App application is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages caused during the use of the Services. These damages may come from (including but not limited to) improper use of the service, or transmission of information that does not comply with regulations, etc.
6. the storage and limitation of user information
Bosean App application is not responsible for user data’s deletion or storage failure. The company has the right to determine if the user’s behavior is in compliance with service terms. If user violates the provisions of service terms, bosean company is not responsible for all the losses.
7. end/ add services
Bosean App application is an accessory of our product hardware. According to the actual use situation, It can interrupt one or more functions, or add some new functions at any time, and do not need to be responsible or inform any individual or third party. At the same time, if user disagrees or are not satisfied with any service terms, he has the following rights:
(1) stop using this APP application.
(2) Uninstall the application from your phone.
8. ownership of the information content
The company’s information content includes: trademarks, text, software, sounds, photographs, videos, graphics, and other information, all of which are protected by copyright, trademark, labeling, and other property ownership laws.
Users can only use these contents under authorization, and cannot copy or reproduce these contents or create derivative products related to the contents.
9. privacy protection clause
Bosean App application will protect users’ privacy strictly and promises not to disclose your personal information without your agreement.
However, we will no longer provide you the aforementioned guarantee services, and may disclose your relevant information under the following circumstances, these situations include, but are not limited to:
* In order to complete your transaction smoothly, we have to provide some of your information, such as your name, contact phone number, e-mail, etc., to related parties such as the logistics service so that they can get in touch with you and provide services for you in time.
* When your action on this site violate service terms, or may harm other people’s rights, or cause injury or damage to others, we would disclose your personal data necessarily in order to identify, contact or take legal actions.
* Personal information that must be disclosed or disclosed as required by laws and regulations.
* When the judiciary or other authorized organs perform their official duties according to law, and requires to provide some specific personal data, we must give necessary cooperation.
10. Applicable law
The above provisions will apply to the laws of the People’s Republic of China, and all disputes will be appealed to the People’s Court where our site is located.
If there is a conflict between service terms and the laws of the People’s Republic of China, these terms will be fully re-interpreted in accordance with law, while other terms will remain binding.