Chlorine Dioxide Gas Detector(CLO2 Detectors)

2021-04-14 09:22:53
Chlorine dioxide (ClO₂) is a yellow-green to orange-yellow gas. It is an internationally recognized safe and non-toxic green disinfectant with a special irritating odor similar to chlorine and nitric acid. Chlorine dioxide is most commonly used in the bleaching process of pulp, flour and textiles, as well as drinking water sanitation. Chlorine dioxide can react explosively with many chemical substances, and is very sensitive to heat, vibration, impact and friction, and is easily decomposed and exploded.
Bosean  offers BH-90A personal single gas detector and K-600, BH-4S personal multiple gas detector to detect chlorine dioxide gas as popular gas monitors to keep workers safe in areas where chlorine dioxide gas may be present, including confined spaces, where explosive concentrations of the gas may accumulate.
BH-90A personal single gas detector
K-600 personal multiple gas detector
BH-4S personal multiple gas detector

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