FS-5000 Nuclear Radiation Detector

FS-5000 Nuclear Radiation Detector

The FS-5000 is a small and medium-high range radiation dose alarm instrument, with the main function of monitoring X-ray, γ-ray and β-ray. We provide nuclear radiation detector OEM/ODM service.

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The detector of this instrument is a glass-typegeiger counter (hereinafter referred to as the GM tube), which ischaracterized by its measurement accuracy and high sensitivity.
This product uses a 32-bit ultra-low power microprocessor, andis equipped with a 2.4-inch TFT LCD screen, which is simple tooperate and has a strong anti-interference ability. The equipmentprovides audible, light and vibration alarm, and the alarmthreshold is adjustable.
Compared withsimilar instruments, it has the advantages of small volume, lowpower consumption and rich functions.

FS-5000 nuclear radiation detector can be widely used in home decoration detection,irradiation processing enterprises, health and epidemic prevention, radioactive treatment, nuclear laboratory, nuclear power plant, import and export commodity inspection, food, building materials, petrochemical industry, geological survey, scrap steel, industria nondestructive testing of ionizing radiation environment, individual accept radiation dose regulation and protective occasions.

1.Real-time dose rate,mean dose rate and count rate,and recordthe cumulative dose simultaneously;
2.The dose rate alarm threshold and dose alarm threshold can beadjusted;
3.with the function of timing dose, the timing time is arbitrarily setbetween 0-999 hours;
4.Can view the start date of the current cumulative dose;
5.With the dual alarm function of dose rate and dose;
6.Choose three alarm methods: sound, flashing light and vibration;7. When the radiation dose rate exceeds measuring range, it hasthe blocking warning function (display 999 MAX);
8.Built-in memory,the cumulative dose value,dose rate curve,dose curve data, alarm record, dose rate alarm threshold and dosealarm threshold data of power after power loss are not lost;
9. with the function of calendar clock, which can also ensure thenormal operation of the clock after shutdown;
10.Continuous monitoring of battery power, and with a low powerstate prompt;
11.Free switching of menus in mutiple languages;
12.The main interface is simple and compact display style freeswitch;
13. Normal mode and long battery life mode can be switchedfreely,
14.The screen backlight time and brightness can be adjusted;15.Particle acoustic switch function;
16. External Type-C interface can be used for power supply orconnected to the PC terminal personal radiation dose managementsystem to achieve data download, analysis and management.

TAG:  nuclear radiation detectorradiation detectorFS-5000


Glass Geiger Counter

LCD screen

2.4-inch TFT LCD

Measurement range of dose rate

0.01 uSv/h~50 mSwh

Dose measurement range

0 uSv~1000Sv


>1 CPS/uSv/h

Energy response


Relative error


Power supply

3.7V rechargeable lithium battery, 1800 mAh

Power consumption

<15 mw (long endurance mode: ≥30 days)






160g (including battery)


TAG:  nuclear radiation detectorradiation detectorFS-5000

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