K-400 Portable Multi-gas Detector

K-400 portable gas detector with large LCD. It can monitor CO, H2S,O2 and combustible gas simultaneously. The instrument features two instant alarms with audio/visual and vibratory indicators, rechargeable battery and simple use.It is widely used in the area where explosion-proof is required or toxic gas leaks, like underground channels or mining industry, so as to protect the workers’life and avoid damage on the relevant equipments.

TAG:  K-400 Multi gas detector K-400 multi gas detector portable gas detector

*Natural diffusion sampling method and high-sensitivity sensor, with high sensitivity and repeatability. 
*32-bit built-in MCU, high reliability and self-adaptation ability. 
*Full functions, easy operation. 
*CSTN colorful LCD, more intuitionistic, abundant and clear indication. 
*Compact design, easy carrying. 
*High strength engineering plastics and compound anti-slippery rubber; water-proof, dust-proof and explosion-proof. 
*1200pcs data records, can be contacted with computer via software. Can print the data records, can storedata records, canmake the data analysis. 
*Gas curve display.
Gas sampling method
Natural diffusion
Detecting gas Combustible gas, H2S, CO, O2
Accuracy ≦±3% F.S.
Response Time ≦30s
Indication                                                                                  LCD displays real-time and system status;LED, audio and vibration alert for gas leakage, fault and low voltage. 
Working environment -20℃~50℃, <95%RH (no dew) 
Power Source DC3.7V Li-on battery, 1800mAh 
Charging tim 4h~6h 
Working tim ≧10h continuously (without alarming) 
Gas Sensor Life 2 years
Explosion-proof grade Ex ib IIBT4 Gb 
Protection Grade IP65
Dimensions 140mm×64mm×34mm(L × W × H) 


TAG:  K-400 Multi gas detector K-400 multi gas detector portable gas detector


Rang Optional range Minimun Readout

Alarm Set Point


EX 0-100%LEl 0-100%VOL(Infrared) 1%LEL/1%VOL 20/50
O2 0-30%VOL 0-30%VOL 0.1%VOL 19.5%VOL/23.5%VOL
H2S 0-100PPM 0-50/200/1000PPM 0.1PPM 10PPM/20PPM
CO 0-1000PPM 0-500/2000/5000PPM 1PPM 50PPM/150PPM
NO2 0-20PPM 0-50/1000PPM 0.1PPM 5PPM/10PPM
CO2 0-5000PPM 0-1%/5%10%VOL(Infrared) 1PPM/0.1%VOL 1000/2000
NO 0-250PPM 0-500/1000PPM 1PPM 50PPM/150PPM
SO2 0-20PPM 0-50/1000PPM 0.1/1PPM 5PPM/10PPM
CL2 0-20PPM 0-100/1000PPM 0.1PPM 5PPM/10PPM
NH3 0-100PPM 0-50/500/1000PPM 0.1/1PPM 20PPM/50PPM
H2 0-1000PPM 0-5000PPM 1PPM 50PPM/150PPM
PH3 0-20PPM 0-20/1000PPM 0.1PPM 5PPM/10PPM
HCL 0-20PPM 0-20/500/1000PPM 0.001/0.1PPM 5PPM/10PPM
CLO2 0-50PPM 0-10/100PPM 0.1PPM 5PPM/10PPM
HCN 0-50PPM 0-100PPM 0.01/0.1PPM 10PPM/20PPM
C2H4O 0-100PPM 0-100PPM 0.1/1PPM 20PPM/50PPM
O3 0-10PPM 0-20/100PPM 0.1PPM 2PPM/5PPM
CH20 0-20PPM 0-50/100PPM 0.1/1PPM 5PPM/10PPM
HF 0-100PPM 0-1/10/50/100PPM 0.01/0.1PPM 2PPM/5PPM
C7H8 0-20PPM 0-1/10/50/100PPM 0.01/0.1PPM 5PPM/10PPM


TAG:  K-400 Multi gas detector K-400 multi gas detector portable gas detector

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