K-EP1000 TVOC Online Monitoring System

This is Bosean alarm type volatile organic compounds(TVOC) online monitoring system (hereinafter referred to as the system). This system adopts advanced technology. First, the preprocessor wil suck the external sample gas into the preprocessor through the pipe, and pretreat the sample gas, including the process of water removal and filtration, and then send the pretreated sample gas to the gas analyzer for data analysis.

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This system adopts the outdoor waterproof dustproof structure, body size 980* 750 *220 mm (length * width * height), the degree of protection IP65 (internal structure as shown in Fig. 3), the external ac AC220V to lower right into the line.

Technical Parameters:
Indication Error: 5%F.S. 
Repeatability: 3%
H2: Range (0-1000) ppm, Resolution: 1ppm
CO: Range (0-1000)ppm, Resolution: 1ppm
02: Range (0-30)%VOL, Resolution: 0.1%VOL
VoCs: Range (0-100) ppm, Resolution 1ppm
Response Time: 60s
IP Grade: IP65
Insulation Resistance: 20M  
T&H: -10℃-40°C,20-90%RH
Power Supply: AC-220V/50HZ-60HZ, Required grounding terminal. 
Dimensions: 980 x 750 x 220mm

TAG:  voc online monitoring systemVOCTVOCtvoc monitoring system

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