The Use Of Portable Gas Detector

May 24, 2018

The application of portable gas detectors reflects the people-oriented production and operation methods. What are the specific uses? 

Portable gas detectors are widely used in petrochemical, fire control, municipal construction, mines and other industries. Can be used to detect toxic and harmful gases, asphyxiating gases, flammable gases, etc.

Portable gas detector is divided into a pump suction type and a diffusion type according to its principle, and is divided into a single gas detector and a composite gas detector according to the type of the detected gas. The pumping instrument has a built-in sampling pump that sucks gas directly into the sampling pump for detection. Suitable for detecting gas in confined spaces or mines. Diffusion instruments directly in the measured environment to detect gas. Artificial detection is usually required, most of them are suitable for mine workers to carry, or people can enter the environment