Application, installation and maintenance of combustible gas detector

2020-04-29 16:16:47

Combustible gas detector are widely used in places where combustible gases and combustible steam are emitted. It can be used in oil refinery, oil depot, LPG station, gas station, paint spray room, home production room and so on. When the concentration of combustible gas in the detected area reaches the alarm setting value, the detector immediately sends out a sound and light alarm signal to remind us to take early safety measures to prevent explosion and fire accident, thus ensuring fire safety.

The installation requirement of combustible gas detector is not uniform at present. During the operation of the combustible gas detector, there will be no detection or detection error. If the combustible gas detector fails to be detected in time, people will not be able to detect the fire in time.

The failure of the combustible gas detector is mainly caused by the user’s ignorance of the detector performance, installation and improper use, except for the product. How to correctly use the combustible gas detector to prevent the occurrence of fault the user should first understand the principle and performance of the combustible gas detector, find out the root of the fault, and understand how to prevent the fault from occurring in the process of use. To improve the level of users.

In order to detect the information of combustible gas, the combustible gas detector must make the detector communicate with the detecting environment, so it is inevitable that all kinds of polluting gases and dusts in the environment can enter the detector. The damage to the working conditions caused by the detector is objective, the working environment of the combustible gas detector is relatively bad, many of them are installed outdoors, the poor maintenance will lead to the error or non-detection of the combustible gas detector. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance of combustible gas detector is an important work to prevent failure.

Grounding should be detected regularly, if the ground does not meet the standard requirement or is not grounded at all, it will also make the combustible gas detector vulnerable to electromagnetic interference and cause trouble. Preventing elements from aging. From the point of view of reliability and practice, it has been proved that the failure caused by the aging of components tends to increase when the service period of the combustible gas detector exceeds 10 years, therefore, if the service period exceeds the requirement of use regulation, it should be replaced in time.

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