Hydrogen Chloride Gas Detector(HCL Detectors)

2020-07-09 17:45:00
Hydrogen chloride is a colorless to pale yellow corrosive gas with a pungent odor. Although not considered a flammable gas, it may react or form flammable compounds when it comes into contact with alcohol and hydrogen cyanide or aluminum-titanium alloys. Dissolving hydrogen chloride in water will produce strong corrosive acid. Therefore, HCl is strongly irritating to the eyes, nose and upper respiratory tract. Even in a short time, the 35 ppm level can cause irritation to the throat.
It is recommended to use BH-90A, BH-90EX, K-600 and other types of gas detectors to detect hydrogen chloride gas. It has many advantages such as sensitive data, precision, good linearity, powerful functions, etc., and a lifetime warranty. K-600 can monitor up to five gases simultaneously, including hydrogen chloride, other toxic and combustible gases, oxygen and volatile organic compounds (VOC).
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K-600 5 in 1 portable multi gas detector
MORE: https://www.bosean.net/products/k-600_5_in_1_multi_gas_detector.html
BH-90A portable singel gas detector
MORE: https://www.bosean.net/products/BH-90A_portable_single_gas_detector.html
BH-90EX portable gas leak detector
MORE: https://www.bosean.net/products/BH-90E_portable_gas_leak_detector.html

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