Hydrogen Detector for Battery Room

2020-09-03 10:09:36
Lead-acid batteries release hydrogen when charging, which may cause an explosion. Hydrogen has a wide range of flammability (from 4% to 74% by volume), from 18% to 59% explosive (explosion), and is very easy to ignite. It will burn in light blue with almost invisible flames, which will seriously injure people and damage equipment. Therefore, the battery room should be well monitored for hydrogen and ventilate in time.
Bosean has a complete hydrogen detection system, with portable and fixed hydrogen detectors. Portable hydrogen gas detectors such as BH-90A, k-600, BH-4S and other models have the advantages of explosion-proof, sensitive data, multiple alarms, etc., which can effectively ensure the safety of workers. BH-60, K-G60 fixed gas detector, with BH-50 gas control panel, can be tested in multiple places.
For the hydrogen detection program in the battery room, please contact customer service directly for details.
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