Hydrogen Fluoride Gas Detector(HF Detectors)

August 07, 2020
Hydrogen fluoride is a colorless, irritating odor and toxic gas under normal conditions. It has very strong hygroscopicity. It produces white smoke when it comes in contact with air. It is easily soluble in water and can be infinitely miscible with water to form hydrofluoric acid. Hydrogen fluoride is very chemically reactive and can react with many compounds. , Commonly used in the manufacture of gasoline, refrigerants, herbicides, pharmaceuticals and various other industrial applications. Inhalation can cause moderate to severe health effects, including irritation to the eyes, nose and respiratory tract. Skin contact is also dangerous and may cause rashes or burns. In severe cases, exposure can even be fatal.
It is recommended to use BH-90A, K-600, BH-4S and other types of gas detectors to detect hydrogen fluoride gas. It has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, sensitive response, good linearity, and powerful functions. It is a star product of Bosean and is widely sold at home and abroad.
BH-90A portable gas detectorhttps://www.bosean.net/products/BH-90A_portable_single_gas_detector.html
K-600 5 in 1/ 4 in 1 gas detectorhttps://www.bosean.net/products/k-600_5_in_1_multi_gas_detector.html
BH-4S multi gas detectorhttps://www.bosean.net/products/BH-4S_portable_multi-gas_detector.html

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