Hydrogen Gas Detectors (H2 Detectors)

2020-07-13 09:45:11

Hydrogen is a gas that is extremely flammable, colorless, transparent, odorless, tasteless, and difficult to dissolve in water. It is also the smallest density gas known in the world, only 1/14 of air. Hydrogen is the substance with the smallest relative molecular mass and is mainly used as a reducing agent. The hydrogen produced is used in large quantities in the cracking reaction of the petrochemical industry and the production of ammonia.

Although hydrogen is non-toxic, it is extremely flammable, and high concentration gases in confined spaces will replace oxygen. Using Bosean’s BH-90A personal single gas detector, staff can monitor the exposure of areas where hydrogen may be present. In areas where workers may be exposed to other gases, the K-600, BH-4S multi-gas detector will ensure worker safety.

BH-90A personal single gas detector 


K-600 personal multi gas detector


BH-4S personal multi gas detector



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