Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector(H2S Detectors)

2020-07-14 17:51:30
Hydrogen sulfide gas can be produced in the oil and gas industry (the complete process from drilling to refining) and in the processing of pulp and paper and wastewater.
Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless highly toxic gas and is known for its unique rotten egg-like smell. Under standard conditions, it is a flammable acid gas, colorless, smell of rotten eggs at low concentration, and sulfur smell at very low concentration, highly toxic. Hydrogen sulfide is a flammable and hazardous chemical. It can form an explosive mixture when mixed with air. It can cause a combustion explosion when exposed to fire or high heat.
In order to accurately monitor many areas that may cause such gas hazards, Bosean provides various H2S gas detectors, including K-600, BH-4S personal multi-gas detector ,BH-90A single gas monitor, with accurate monitoring data and sensitive alarm .
H2S gas detector

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