Do you really understand the heat treating?

2018-05-29 17:27:45

Heat treating is a process that heating metal material in the solid state through a certain heating, holding and cooling to change its organization and performance

This is our general understanding of the heat treating, but heat treating also includes several processes:1.Annealing: Heating the metal or alloy materials or parts to phase change or part of the phase transition temperature, holding for some time, and then slowly cooling.
2.Normalizing: Heating the steel to a complete phase change above a certain temperature and holding for a period of time and cooled in the air.
3. Quenching: Heating the material to phase change or part of the phase transition temperature, holding for some time and cooling rapidly.
4.Tempering: Reheating the material to a certain temperature and holding for some time
5. Quenching and tempering treatment: Heating the material and cooling in the liquid and reheating. This compound process is called quenching and tempering treatment.
6.Surface heat treatment: Changing the part surface properties by changing the surface of steel or chemical composition of the surface,


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