The types of Gas Detectors

June 15, 2020

Gas detector is a kind of instrument and tool for gas leakage concentration detection, including: portable gas detector, handheld gas detector, fixed gas detector, online gas detector, etc. Gas sensors are mainly used to detect the types of gases present in the environment. Gas sensors are sensors used to detect the composition and content of gases.

Bosean company has all types of gas detectors.

1. Gas leak detector: It can only measure whether the gas has leaked, and can not detect the specific concentration value. It is suitable for gas leak detection at containers, pipelines, interfaces, etc. Bosean BH-90(EX)、K-100(EX)、K-300(EX)Gas leak detector have that function.

Bosean BH-90(EX)Gas leak detector

Bosean BH-90(EX)Gas leak detector

2. Portable single gas detector: hand-held, easy to carry, can measure the specific concentration value of a certain gas, such as Bosean BH-90 gas detector, K-100 gas detector, K-100M gas detector .

BH-90 Portable single gas detector

BH-90 Portable single gas detector

3.Portable multi-function gas detector: It can detect the real-time concentration of four or more gases at the same time, with powerful functions and wide applicability, such as Bosean BH-4S gas detector, K-400 gas detector, K-400M gas detector, etc. The model also has the advantages of fast detection speed and high safety, such as the K-600 and other models.

BH-4S 4 in 1 multi gas detector

BH-4S 4 in 1 multi gas detector

4.Fixed gas detector: fixed at a certain place to monitor a certain gas concentration for a long time, can be connected to a gas alarm controller for remote signal reception and control, characterized by continuous detection and timely alarm, such as Bosean BH-60, K -G60, K-G60A gas detector;

Bosean BH-60 Fixed gas detector

Bosean BH-60 Fixed gas detector

5.Fixed multi-function gas detector: fixed at a certain place to monitor the concentration of certain gases for a long time, high integration, easy installation, and less resource consumption, such as Bosean K-G60-S4

Fixed multi-function gas detector

Fixed multi-function gas detector

6. Household gas alarm: It is used in households for gas, natural gas and other combustible gas leak detection to avoid fire, explosion and other life safety accidents.

BH-H1 Gas Alarm

BH-H1 Gas Alarm

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