Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S) Gas Detector

2020-06-15 09:42:30

 Hydrogen sulfide gas often appears in the following production:

1. Mining and refining of sulfur-containing petroleum and ore;

2. In the industrial production of rubber, rayon, sulfur dyes, papermaking, pigments, vegetable pickles, sugar beet sugar, animal glue, etc .;

3. Excavation and remediation of swamps, ditches, wells, sewers, submerged culverts, tunnels and the removal of garbage, dirt, feces, etc.,

4. Natural gas, mineral water, volcanic gas jets and underground mine water are also often accompanied by the presence of hydrogen sulfide.

5. Analytical chemistry laboratory workers are exposed to hydrogen sulfide;

Hydrogen sulfide gas is a toxic and harmful gas, both an irritating gas and a suffocating gas. Inhalation of large amounts of hydrogen sulfide can make people comatose and even suffocate to death. Therefore, the monitoring and prevention of hydrogen sulfide gas cannot be ignored.

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H2S Gas Detector

BH-90A  Hydrogen sulfide(H2S) gas detector


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