Ozone Detector Detection Method

2018-05-29 17:31:11

Ozone concentration detection methods can be roughly divided into two kinds of instrumental methods and chemical analysis methods.

The advantages of the instrument for detecting ozone are high sensitivity, good dependability, and low operator requirements. This is a good method, but since these instruments are usually expensive, they are not easy to use universally.

The most commonly used chemical analysis methods are potassium iodide method, potassium borate absorption spectrometer and indium blue sodium spectrophotometry. The first two methods have some limitations in the use of ozone because of their poor specificity or poor stability. The indigo-sodium disulfonate spectrophotometric method is highly sensitive to ozone and does not require standards due to its high sensitivity. Can be used for quantitative measurement of O3, so in 1996 the national air quality standard GB3095-1996, the method uses the original standard boric acid iodination as a standard for chemical detection O3.

The principle of the instrument to detect ozone concentration is to use chemiluminescence, ultraviolet absorption and electrochemical methods. Since chemiluminescence must be equipped with vinyl bottles, ethylene is flammable, dangerous and inconvenient. Therefore, ultraviolet absorption and electrochemical methods are widely used in the world in recent years. The

The principle of the UV absorption method is based on the UV absorption wavelength of 254 nm for O3. The concentration of O3 can be calculated according to Beer’s law. The method is simple in structure, high in sensitivity and fast in response, and has a good range in a concentration range of 0 to 10000 ppm. Linearity, zero drift and span drift are small. The

Electrochemical methods measure ozone gas in contact with the instrument in a diffuse manner and react. Output a stable electrical signal. Gas concentration values ​​can be displayed on the display in a stable manner.


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