Carbon monoxide(CO) gas detector

2021-01-13 10:14:05
Industry: Steel mills, fire departments, garages, loading and unloading stations, power companies and general industries
Carbon monoxide is a colorless gas. For humans, it is invisible. Carbon monoxide is a by-product of combustion and will naturally occur in any situation where combustion occurs.
Carbon monoxide is usually a colorless, odorless gas, and is also a highly toxic gas. It is called a toxic suffocating agent, which means it will reduce the oxygen transmission characteristics of blood. Low PPM doses of carbon monoxide can cause headaches and dizziness. If the victim is transferred to fresh air, it will not cause permanent damage. High doses can be fatal.
Carbon monoxide (CO) is used in the chemical industry to produce inorganic chemicals, and as a reducing agent in metal packaging, food packaging, steel mills, loading and unloading yards, and power facilities. Especially in the danger of being exposed to carbon monoxide, workers in or near confined spaces close to CO combustion by-products. These areas include manholes, splicing cars, garages, tunnels, loading and unloading stations, warehouses and auto repair shops.
Bosean provides single gas carbon monoxide detector including BH-90A, BH-90, BH-4S, K-600 multi-gas detector.
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