Portable Biogas Detector

2021-01-18 10:16:10

The main component of biogas is methane. Biogas consists of 50%~80% methane (CH4), 20%~40% carbon dioxide (CO₂), 0%~5% nitrogen (N2), less than 1% hydrogen (H2), less than 0.4% oxygen (O2) ) And 0.1% to 3% hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and other gases. Since biogas contains a small amount of hydrogen sulfide, it has a slight smell. Its characteristics are similar to natural gas. If the air contains 8.6-20.8% (by volume) of biogas, an explosive mixture will be formed.

Bosean Portable Biogas detector, biogas analyzer(CH4/CO2/H2S/O2) can apply to:
• Farm digester gas monitoring
• Food processing biogas monitoring
• Waste water biogas monitoring
• Methane recovery
• Laboratory research and analysis for biogas 

Bosean Portable Biogas Detector Model:

BOSEAN Portable Biogas detector

BH-4S :  https://www.bosean.net/products/BH-4S_portable_multi-gas_detector.html

BH-4A:  https://www.bosean.net/products/BH-4A_portable_multi_gas_detector.html

K-400M:  https://www.bosean.net/products/k-400m_portable_multi-gas_detector.html

BH-4AS:  https://www.bosean.net/products/BH-4A_portable_multi_gas_detector.html

K-600:      https://www.bosean.net/products/k-600_5_in_1_multi_gas_detector.html

Main features

• Measures CH4, CO2, Oxygen(vol); and H2S(ppm)

• CH4 and CO2 accuracy ±3% after calibration
• 4-5 gases monitored
• Stores and downloads reading data
• Datalogging and profiling function (optional)
• Factory reset option
• Choice of user settings and simple gas reading function
• Certified:CE, EX
• 12 Months warranty
Standard accessories:
• English User’s Manual
• USB cable & Adapter
• Calibration Certificate
• Cap and extension Hose
• Hanging cord
• Aluminum alloy box

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