Explosion-proof Combustible Gas Detector

2020-07-08 09:43:50
Flammable gas refers to a substance that can be ignited and is in a gas state at normal temperature and pressure, such as hydrogen, acetylene, ethylene, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and the like. The combustible gas has the general characteristics of a gas. A combustible gas with one component is called a single gas; a mixture of two or more combustible gases is called a mixed combustible gas. The flammable gas is mixed in a certain proportion in the corresponding combustion-supporting medium. Under the action of the ignition source, it can cause combustion or explosion. The burning speed is determined by the diffusion speed of combustible gas and air. Therefore, it is very important to detect whether the combustible gas leaks and the specific concentration in various scenarios, and it is a necessary means to avoid major losses such as fire and explosion.
It is recommended to use BH-90A, BH-90EX, BH-4S and other types of gas detectors for detecting combustible gases. It has many advantages such as explosion-proof, accurate monitoring data, long life, and sensitive alarm, which can meet the needs of combustible gas detection in various scenarios.
BH-90A portable single gas detector
more details: https://www.bosean.net/products/BH-90A_portable_single_gas_detector.html
BH-90EX portable gas leak detector
more details: https://www.bosean.net/products/BH-90E_portable_gas_leak_detector.html
BH-4S portable multi gas detector
more details: https://www.bosean.net/products/BH-4S_portable_multi-gas_detector.html

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