Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Detector(NO2 Detectors)

2020-07-08 17:37:16
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is a highly toxic by-product of the combustion of hydrocarbons, and appears brown-red at high temperatures. Low-dose exposure to nitrogen dioxide can irritate eyes and throat, or cause headaches, nausea, and gradually lose strength. High doses of NO2 can cause pulmonary edema (hydrops in the lungs) and cause death.
The main sources of NO2 are internal combustion engines (diesel engines) and thermal power plants. Other sources of nitrogen dioxide include petroleum and metal refining, coal-fired power plants, and other manufacturing industries. Regardless of the industry or application, Bosean provides a wide range of nitrogen dioxide gas detection instruments, including BH-90A single gas detector, K-600, BH-4S multi-gas detector. K-600 is a pumping type detection method, speed Faster and more accurate.
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