Nitric Oxide Gas Detector(NO Detectors)

July 24, 2020
Nitric oxide is a nitrogen oxide compound, which is a non-flammable, highly toxic gas that is difficult to dissolve in water. Nitric oxide has free radicals, which makes its chemical properties very active. When it reacts with oxygen, it can form a corrosive gas-nitrogen dioxide (NO2), which can react with water to form nitric acid . Nitric oxide is a stabilizer for the production of nitric acid, rayon bleach, propylene and dimethyl ether. It can also be used in the oxidation and chemical vapor deposition processes in semiconductor production and as a standard gas mixture for atmospheric monitoring; it is also used in the manufacture of nitric acid and silicon Ketone oxide film and carbonyl nitrosyl; also can be used as bleaching agent for rayon and stabilizer for propylene and dimethyl ether; can also be used for auxiliary diagnosis and treatment of medical clinical experiments, and stabilizer of organic reaction.
It is recommended to use BH-90A, K-600 to detect nitric oxide gas. It has many advantages such as accurate monitoring data, high cost performance, and sensitive alarm, which can meet the detection needs of various scenarios.
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BH-90A portable single gas detector
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K-600 single/multi gas detector
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