Photoionization Gas Detector(PID Detectors)

2021-04-30 09:28:35
The ionization of neutral particles under the action of light radiation is called photoionization. The photoionization detector (PID) is a high-sensitivity and high-selectivity detector that has been rapidly developed in the past 20 years. It uses light radiation to ionize the measured component and generate a signal. Its sensitivity is 50-100 times higher than that of FID. The selectivity varies with the light source. It is a non-destructive concentration detector, which has been widely used for trace analysis in gas detection, environmental protection, industrial health care, commodity inspection, petrochemical and other fields. It is one of the most commonly used gas chromatography detectors.
Bosean K-600 photoionization gas detector has multiple advantages such as high-definition large color screen, built-in pump suction, waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof, two-level alert and four-level alarm, and is suitable for most harsh environments.
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