Industrial Toxic Gas Detection

June 15, 2020

Toxic gases can be found in raw materials, such as most organic chemicals (VOC), or can be found in by-products of various processes such as ammonia, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide. They are the most dangerous risk factors for workers. This hazard includes not only immediate injury, such as physical discomfort, morbidity, death, etc., but also long-term harm to the human body, such as disability and cancer. The detection of these poisonous and harmful gases is an issue that we in the developing countries should begin to attach importance to.

Toxic gas detectors can detect the concentration of toxic gases in the petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical industries at all times to ensure the safety of workers! The toxic gas detector is a non-interference detector for production.

Toxic gas detectors are widely used in various oil, petrochemical and chemical production plant areas; municipal, fire, gas, telecommunications, coal, metallurgy, electricity, medicine, food processing and other toxic and hazardous gases.

Bosean Electronics has a variety of toxic gas detectors, including portable toxic gas detectors, fixed toxic gas detectors, toxic gas leak detectors, and toxic gas detectors with built in pump. 

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